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Ford Bacon & Davis LLC

Ford, Bacon & Davis, LLC Project Experience

PROJECT #1 $400MM project to install new 2-cell cooling tower and circulation pumps, pipe racks, firewater deluge system, utility and process piping systems for new Methylamines (MA) plant.  Also included upgrades to existing pipe racks, piping, tanks and pumps.  Provided engineering to support ISBL design begin performed by client in another country; electrical power design and review of civil-structural designs.  Work included civil/structural, mechanical in PDS 3D. Instrumentation was done in INtools.  Procurement included requisitions, desk expediting and purchase order entry in SAP.

PROJECT #2 $90MM project to assist with the front end loading, then followed with the detail design, engineering and procurement that required 200,000 engineering hours for a major Ethylene Debottleneck project. Numerous smaller projects were also added during the execution of engineering.  The majority of the construction was executed during a turnaround.  The project included two new distillation towers, as well as retraying two additional towers, 15 new exchangers, 13 new and 14 revised drums, a new cold box with 6 exchangers and 5 drums, 5 pairs of pumps, a new steam turbine and modifications to 3 compresssors.   The equipment and instrument engineers, and the Project Manager were members of the client's project team, as well as leading the design effort for FB&D.  FB&D assisted the client's rotating equipment engineer in the specification and purchase of new and revised rotating equipment.

PROJECT #3 $40MM project to develop the scope, front-end design, detailed TIC estimate and schedule, detailed engineering and procurement for an ISBL project for the reconstruction of a unit destroyed by fire.  FB&D worked with the client to develop the scope for the improvements and purchase of refurbish equipment and instrumentation. Safety and hydraulic analysis was performed to confirm scope.  A 3D model was developed to generate piping isometrics.

PROJECT #4 $20MM project to add production capability to produce four additional product lines.The upgrades included, A new bulk storage bin and dust collector; Additive Railcar unloading system; Replace FCA bulk storage and dust collector with new equipment; Upgrade Activator system; Install loss-in-weight feeder for additive power feed; Replace existing FCA feeder with loss-in-weight feeder system; Replace four cure bins with one large new bin; Install new Z-belt elevator; Replace main dust collector; Replace Reroll conveyor with screw conveyor; Upgrade Soda Dope manifold; Enclose Reroll drum deck; Install NaCI system & Build remediation to control copper and zinc spills contained in the unit.

PROJECT #5 $12.5MM project to install new 15KV Feeder. Project was to build a new 15KV Auxiliary Power Substation that will be supplied from two new 15KV Feeders from Power Distribution Facility and to provide for auxiliary power distribution for a 13.8KV Feeder system via pole line structure and turning tower.

PROJECT #6 $50MM project that involved ISBL scope of two grass roots units that were to  both provide feed to a new alcohol unit.  The effort consisted of scope development, front-end design, detailed TIC estimate and schedule, detailed engineering and procurement.  The project consisted of a multi-tier structure with approximately 110 pieces of equipment, furnace area, compressor area and product storage facilities.

PROJECT #7 $9.5MM redesign of dust collector doors including installation of dust explosion suppression, material handling, material segregation and N2 padding. Install required layers of protection in material handling production areas.

PROJECT #8 $80MM FRAC plant expansion from 15k BPD to 55k BPD. Included evaluation and modification of existing equipment as well as designing and installing new equipment. Equipment included distillation towers, centrifugal pumps, S/T heat exchangers, amine treaters, dehydrators, new propane refrigeration compressors and new steam boiler. Existing flare headers were evaluated and two new flare headers were designed and installed.

$11MM Firewater Upgrade. Project included installing pipe, fire monitor stations with access platforms, sump basins, duplex pump buildings, paving between buildings, transformer pad, new power pole, 480v transformer and associated switchgear rack, duct bank from buildings to transformer to new power pole with electrical feed, underground pipe for fiber, cable tray along sleepers for fiber, underground header in front of buildings with sleeve under the roadway and three monitor stations.

PROJECT #10  $180MM OSBL + for grass roots Formic Acid Manufacturing Facility.  OSBL facilities consisted of Site Work; Cooling Water System; Refrigerated Water System; Steam; Utilities; Product Storage Tank Farm; Flare Systems; Rail Car Loading; Tank Truck Loading; Power Distribution; MCC; Pipe Racks; Firewater System; Vent Gas Scrubber. ISBL facilities engineered included Feed/Intermediate Processing Tank Area & Power Distribution. OSBL engineering consisted of Process, Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation.  ISBL engineering consisted of Equipment Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Civil/Structural Design Supervision. FB&D provided all procurement for the ISBL and OSBL projects, which included Global Sourcing. Electrical & Instrumentation included FAT Witnessing.

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