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Ford Bacon & Davis LLC

Ford, Bacon and Davis, LLC History

In 1984, the owners of S&B Engineers and Constructors, purchased a company named Process Services Incorporated (PSI), located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Twelve years later, PSI purchased the Monroe, Louisiana, office and other selected assets and the name/trademark of Ford, Bacon and Davis, Incorporated (FB&D, Inc.). At that time, all offices and locations operated under the banner of PSI.

In 1997, due to the long standing history and experience inherent with FB&D, PSI and FB&D realigned their resources and two offices to become Ford, Bacon and Davis, LLC.

FB&D, LLC is focused on providing engineering and construction management services to the petrochemical, refining, chemical and pulp and paper industries.

FB&D Defines, Designs & Refines