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This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Greenville, SC

The position requires a high degree of technical competence regarding the broad application of mechanical engineering principles to the development of new capabilities and/or solutions to the customers’ challenging needs.

In this role, you will be responsible for mechanical engineering and technical tasks to support design and construction of medium to large Capital Projects. Your work will include planning, design, analysis, and engineering inputs into the construction and maintenance of chemical plant facilities. You must be fully competent in performing all conventional aspects of Mechanical Engineering. You should also be capable of applying independent judgment to evaluate, select and modify engineering criteria, methods and procedures. You will take part in developing process flow diagrams and specifying needed mechanical equipment that meet required temperature and pressure ranges. You will provide technical oversight during the actual field installation and commissioning of equipment.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Provides technical guidance and coordination of manpower for the staff assigned to one or more projects. Also act as Project Lead on one or more small projects.

Specific Tasks:

· Work with a multi-discipline engineering team to perform plant and project engineering.

· Select equipment, materials, methods, write specifications, supervise and prepare mechanical drawings, control cost, and manage work to meet project schedules.

· Meets with clients’ technical staff to discuss technical information and features.

· Prepares sketches and performs calculations for a detailed segment of a project.

· Conducts field trips to existing plants to gather operating data and equipment information.

· Prepares equipment specifications and purchase requisitions for approval.

· Evaluates vendors' bids and drawings to assure compliance with specifications.

· Communicates equipment design to client and other design disciplines.

· Reviews and approves design drawings for assigned segment of a project.

· Participates in the preparation of equipment lists, piping line lists and specialty item lists.

· Supervises and directs the activities of designers working on one or more projects.

· Provides input to estimates, proposals, scheduling, manpower planning, et cetera


· This Positon requires a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from an accredited university.

· (10)+ yrs of progressive engineering experience including Design, Engineering and Construction

· Registration as a licensed professional engineer is preferred

· Possess clear and concise verbal and written communication skills.

· Self-motivated with ability to work in a team environment with a high level of attention to detail

· Ability to meet required deadlines while simultaneously completing other tasks

· Ability to develop and maintain expertise in CAD software for efficient production of engineering work.

· Ability to create detailed project proposals, scopes of work, and estimates.

· Ability to direct design teams

· Ability to review and approve design packages from equipment suppliers and design firms providing constructability input.

· Ability to interface with site engineers, operations and maintenance teams.

· Capable of creating required engineering documentation using Microsoft Office Suite products including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, and Access.

· Experience in the design and construction of chemical manufacturing facilities that involve the use of acids, bases and solvents.

· Experience with heat exchangers reactors, pumps, piping systems, vessels, and tanks.

· Experience with heavy industrial piping design and analysis.

· Pulp and Paper Industry Experience


The job description, duties and responsibilities included in this classification are not intended to be exclusive, but are inclusive of all other duties or responsibilities which may from time to time be required as deemed necessary for the proper performance of the work in the sole discretion of the Company whether or not actually listed in the classification or any other classification. Job descriptions, duties and responsibilities may overlap and in some cases be identical to the job descriptions, duties and responsibilities listed in other classifications. The Company reserves the right to add, delete or otherwise change the job descriptions, duties and responsibilities in any classification at any time. The Company further reserves the right to waive one or more of the criteria for a classification in the case of a particular employee if in the Company's sole judgment.



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