Alumina Industry
AluminaThe Gulf Coast is home to multiple alumina plants and Ford, Bacon, and Davis, LLC has a large number of alumina experienced engineering personnel, familiar with the processes and intricate designs of the alumina processing industry.

ChemicalFord, Bacon & Davis is dedicated to serving the petrochemical and chemical markets by providing full service engineering, procurement, and construction management solutions.

Gas and Liquid Transmission Gas Transmission, Liquid TransmissionAll told, in one capacity or another, FB&D was involved in over 150,000 miles of pipeline work. Current areas of interest are based on land-based facilities for gases and liquids such as compressor and pump stations, treatment, metering, above and below ground storage.
Industrial Power

Industrial PowerFB&D has provided our industrial power services to clients in many diverse industries. The general concepts of steam and power production, energy efficiency, green plant design and greenhouse gas reduction are common to all industries and can be applied to your processes.

Manufacturing ManufacturingFB&D has served the industrial manufacturing and fabrication industry for over 100 years. Our experience includes Greenfield/Brownfield projects, plant expansions, process development, building design, utility and infrastructure improvements, traffic/material flow logistics, warehousing design, equipment layout and site selection. Our process team incorporates the latest concepts for ergonomic design, automation, plant layout, warehouse design and product flow.
Power PowerFB&D provides engineering services for industrial power facilities based on a wide range of boiler fluids and renewable generation such as biomass and solar.
Pulp and Paper Pulp and PaperOur process and design teams have experience with all manufacturing areas of paper, pulp and wood products manufacturing with hundreds of projects completed each year. With offices located in the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions, FB&D has maintained a focus on pulp and paper engineering, maintaining a leadership role during the consolidation of the pulp and paper industry.
Refining RefiningFord, Bacon & Davis has been dedicated to serving the refining industry by providing full service engineering, procurement, and construction management solutions.
Renewable Energy Renewable EnergyFB&D has developed significant process expertise with a diverse group of renewable energy technologies. Combined with over 50 years of biomass handling, petrochemical and refining experience and project development, we offer a complete package of project services. FB&D has successfully worked with clients in the following renewable technologies: biomass conversion to chemicals, motor fuels and power; solar power, CO2 sequestration, gasification and fermentation



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