FB&D and the International Marketplace

Since the early period of its operation, FB&D has accomplished project work at overseas, international locations which include Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, India, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico , and Honduras.

International project work can be accomplished solely in FB&D's United States offices or co-shared with our two offices in India. FB&D has completed engineering projects as a member of consortium teams which include foreign organizations, and we have completed work that was managed completely by FB&D.

The following outlines our work experience in the international market:

- Preliminary engineering for the first fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts manufacturing facility in the Middle East

- Preliminary and detailed engineering for the expansion of a 7M ton/year silica plant to 15M ton/year

- Preliminary engineering for a 40" gas pipeline, 271 miles from Oman to India

- Sulfur recovery units (14, 29 & 50 tpd) detail engineering

- Preliminary engineering for 180 MW cogeneration power plant to provide thermal and electrical energy for a district heating system servicing a new housing development. Three turbine-generators and three HRSGs

- Installation of an electrical generating plant with a 2 x 50MW generators, 2 x 460,000 lbs/hr oil-fired boilers (operating at 1,490 psig) and related auxiliary equipment

- Design for installation of 22MW combined cycle power plant addition to existing plant. Included a 10MW gas turbine-generator

- Detail design and engineering for major plant expansion (carbon black) including a new furnace, vapor bag collectors, product dryer and distribution system

- Study for new dual bauxite conveying line and acid wash upgrade

 -50 tpd sulphur recovery unit and 80 tpd tail gas treating unit. EPCM services; 13.5MM

 -Preliminary and detail design for synthetic fuel gasification facilities utilizing waste biomass

 -Engineering documents to support licensing agreement for grass roots carbon black plant

 -Detail engineering and design for kraft/liner/coated board paper mill expansion and modernization


 - Woodyard addition

 - Pulp mill addition and conversion of existing

  - Paper machine addition

 - Chemical recovery addition

 - Power plant expansion-oil fired boiler, turning-generator

 - Stock preparation modification

 - Paper machine modifications and coater addition

 - Coating preparation systems added

 -Feasibility study for development of a forest products industry utilizing local timber resources-1.6MM acres of pine forest

 -85 tpd SRU and TGTU. EPCM services; $11.4MM

 -Biological wastewater facility

 -Installation of an electrical generating plant with 2 x 50 MW generators, 2 x 460,000 lbs/hr oil-fired boilers (operating at 1,490 psig) and related auxiliary equipment

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