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Baton Rouge Employees Celebrate FB&D Safety Milestone - Thursday, August 16, 2018

On July 18, 2018, Ford, Bacon & Davis employees in Baton Rouge, met at Ashley Manor for a luncheon, to celebrate the company’s 17th anniversary without a Lost Time Incident.

"March 7, 2001, was the last time that a member of the FB&D family missed a day of work due to a work related incident,” beamed Keith Sliman, Safety/Security Manager.

Over 100 employees were greeted at the luncheon by FB&D senior management, President Rick Moore, and Sr. Vice President, Ray Sherman. Both Rick and Ray spoke to the crowd, thanking everyone for their commitment to safety every day at work and at home.

"At FB&D, safety is not a priority because priorities change. Safety at FB&D is a value because values never change,” remarked Rick.

Keith noted that records and milestones are not the objective of the FB&D safety culture. "They are simply a measure of our progress toward our ultimate goal, and that is to return every member of the FB&D family home every day, in the same condition in which they reported to work,” he stated.

Congratulations to all employees for their continued focus on the task at hand, and efforts to keep our FB&D family safe!

Click here to see all of the pictures from the luncheon.

Ray Sherman, Sr. Vice President of the Process Business Unit; Rick Moore, FB&D President; & Keith Sliman, Safety/Security Manager welcome FB&D employees to the safety celebration luncheon.


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