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FB&D Source Inspection 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil - Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ford, Bacon & Davis’ Inspection Team, held their second annual employee appreciation crawfish boil, on May 19, 2018. Employees, and their families, gathered at team member Jimmy Yeager’s fishing camp, on the Diversion Canal outside of Baton Rouge for the event.

FB&D’s Inspection Team provides source inspection quality assurance, to support all of the company’s engineering projects for all of our clients. In addition, the team has been selected to support several clients to assist, and ensure, quality to support all maintenance and turnaround shop work, even when there is no FB&D engineering. For example, FB&D’s Inspection Team is the primary supplier of inspection services to a major chemical company in Louisiana. The team supports operations, maintenance and turnarounds for all three sites.

"This team is the elite of the inspection teams for the industry,” exclaimed John Fish, Director-Project Support Services. "One of the reasons for the gathering was to thank the families for their support. We understand that without the support of their families, our team could not function to the level we do today. Our inspectors spend a great deal of late nights, weekends and holidays away from family. They are always on call and spend a lot of time traveling.”

FB&D Source Inspection Team members who attended the crawfish boil included Audry "Bo" Duhon; Gene White; Johnny Walker; Mark Miller; Jimmy Yeager; Cliff Lemaire; Pete Blackburn; Louis Reddin; John Fish; Carrie King; Scott Kraemer; and Larkin Gregoire. Paul Clark was not able to attend.


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