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Quarterly IT Summit Held in New Orleans - Thursday, November 15, 2018

Sister companies, Ford Bacon & Davis, LLC (FB&D) and S&B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. (S&B) held their quarterly "IT Summit” on October 31, 2018. Those in attendance were Rick Moore, FB&D President; Dean Butler, FB&D Director of Information Technology; John Mizell, S&B Vice President, Manager of IT Operations; and Casey Teague, S&B IT Senior Systems Administrator.

The purpose of the summit is to continue open communication between the enterprises regarding IT systems, and software, that are in place at each company. The summit also focuses on what could be improved when it comes to security of both companies, from an IT standpoint.

Rick kicked off the summit by hosting a teambuilding dinner held at The National World War II Museum on October 30, 2018. The summit continued the next day in FB&D’s New Orleans office.

"We continue to meet, working together to improve our collective world,” remarked Rick. "Some projects we are working on are major, with a long term focus; some projects are near term, like federating our Outlook calendars.”

"The IT Summits we have are a great avenue to collaborate on new ideas, challenges we face, and ways to advance technologies across our enterprises”, said Dean.

The main focus of this meeting was on assessing cybersecurity, because of the increasing pressure businesses are having to face due to cyberattacks. "We continue to share research, ensuring that across our business enterprise we are running the latest technology to control cybersecurity issues,” exclaimed Rick.

A common trend discussed between the sister companies was regarding fraudulent emails or "phishing”. They realized users within the companies are very aware of phishing scams, leading them to contact their respective IT departments before clicking a link. Rick stated that the companies have been testing phishing software and may roll out phishing training to employees.

"With cybersecurity being a main focus of the meeting, we discussed ways to collectively improve our systems, as well as ways to help train our employee base. We are always appreciative when they contact us with concerns about emails,” said Dean. He continued, "This truly is a team effort, and this tells us our employees are in the fight with us. We are all in this together and when asked how many people IT has on its security team, I like to reply "every FB&D employee is on our security team.”

"As our companies have a culture of safety, we are working hard to shape our corporations into a cybersecurity culture as well,” said Rick.

Dean Butler, FB&D Director of Information Technology; John Mizell, S&B Vice President, Manager of IT Operations; Rick Moore, FB&D President, Casey Teague, S&B IT Senior System Administrator; and Andy Klenck, Project Manager in FB&D's New Orleans office.


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