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Rick Moore, Guest Speaker at January YPO Meeting - Thursday, February 8, 2018

The January meeting of FB&D’s Young Professionals Organization (YPO) drew a crowd of local employees to the Baton Rouge Lakeland office’s training room, while other offices participated online, to hear President Rick Moore speak about the state of the company.

Everyone was pleased to hear that the state of FB&D is strong, and that the company’s market outlook is also strong. Rick was happy to announce potential innovations in the company which included Advanced Work Packaging (AWP); Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI); and Virtual/Mixed Reality.

The main reasons the company is in such a strong state is because of a solid financial situation; a robust client list; the markets the company serves are diverse; and market share. "Our employees are qualified for the roles they perform and have a lot of experience,” said Rick. "Our systems and tools are advanced and we are a strong company because we are a learning organization.”

Rick’s outlook on 2018 is excellent. "Our clients have strong capital budgets which positions FB&D very well.” He confirmed that another good indicator is that newly graduated engineers, especially chemical engineers, are in a very strong job market. Also government regulations are improving.

At the end of his address, he opened the floor for discussion. Several employees asked pertinent questions regarding cypersecurity and company bid processes, to name a few. Rick was able to explain what the company is doing proactively to guard our computer systems from security issues, and he was also able to explain the company’s philosophy on achieving and managing workloads.

Rick Moore with the YPO meeting's host, Jared Altazan, P.E., Mechanical Engineer/India Coordinator, 

who works in Baton Rouge


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