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Thanksgiving Around FB&D Baton Rouge Offices - Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Homemade chicken and sausage gumbo, fried turkeys and an enormous amount of savory casseroles and scrumptious desserts, were waiting for FB&Dís Baton Rouge employees to dig in to for a Thanksgiving holiday celebration.

On November 15, 2018, Kevin Lang, Electrical Project Design Coordinator, started cooking gumbo bright and early on a cold November morning, to have it ready for everyone on his task force to enjoy for lunch in the Lakeland Park office. FB&Dís Coursey office employees took a break for lunch to fill their bellies, but also noshed on leftovers the rest of the afternoon.

But wait..thereís more! On November 20, employees in the Lakeland Park office contributed chips, dips, and sweet treats to a buffet style "grazeĒ day for those who wanted to have a taste of Thanksgiving throughout their day.

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