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Front End Loading (FEL) Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

FB&D specializes in assisting clients to utilize industry leading Best Practices to ensure that projects are defined and meet required hurdles prior to funding. In addition, this process ensures that all projects will:

  • Achieve the business goals
  • Be completed within the appropriated budgets
  • Comply with the established schedule
  • With NO surprises!

Front End Loading (FEL)-FEEDFB&D literally helped to write the manual on Front End Loading (FEL)/Front End Engineering Design (FEED). Key FB&D personnel have been active and assigned to the Construction Industry Institute (CII) Front End Planning Research teams since 1992. We currently have people assigned to improve and make the FEL process easier to implement.


Along with the Best Practices and Gated Project Delivery Process, FB&D has developed a series of automated processes that assist in aligning the various owner stakeholders:
  • Conceptual Models in FEL/FEED process to ensure operations and management agree on scope and content.
  • Construction simulations to provide virtual construction operations.
  • Electronic Document Distribution and Approvals.
  • Smart Board Electronic P&ID and Drawing Reviews.
  • Web Conferencing and Model Walk-Throughs to engage remote stakeholders.

Click Here for a Front End Loading Work Flow Process Diagram.

FB&D Defines, Designs & Refines


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