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Project Controls

Project Controls, as provided by FB&D, is a systems based approach to assuring project cost and schedule adherence. The tools and resources assigned to a project are based on project size, complexity, time frame, and the level of detail required to control the project. FB&D's Project Management team will work with client management to establish an agreement on amount of project controls required to effectively manage a given project.


Project scheduling primary functions are: 1) Interactive planning; 2) Collecting information; 3) Determine controlling factors; 4) Schedule preparation and analysis; 5) Review and issue schedule; and 6) Status, maintain, analyze, and recommend actions to change unfavorable trends.


Project ControlsBy use of various methods, each phase of the project is closely monitored for adherence to budget estimates and schedules. Any deviations from the budgets or schedules are evaluated for the cause, and solutions are proposed to the Project Manager. Expended work hours and costs are monitored closely for signs of developing trends and/or problem areas. By evaluating these figures, and taking into account all factors, a forecasted total can be estimated and used as a guide for future decisions and expenditures.


FB&D's Design Leaders, jointly with Project Management, have the responsibility to monitor the project execution with regards to work scope changes. Any work scope changes are to be noted and transmitted to the Project Controls group. Client written approval is required before any work is accomplished on a scope change.


FB&D has varied capabilities for the development of estimates using computerized software systems. We utilize these systems to develop Order of Magnitude and Conceptual Estimates for work early in the life of the project. Computer generated estimates can serve as a control estimate until a detailed estimate can be prepared.

Detailed estimates are made from "quoted” equipment and material "take-offs”. These estimates can be made during the formative stage of the project and can be used to control project costs. When these estimates are made early for a project, some engineering work is required in the form of sketches and specifications.

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