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FB&D currently has multiple 3D CAD Modeling platforms. Most engineering firms only have one platform, but FB&D has found that being diversified in this area gives us a great advantage by allowing us to tap into additional resources.
All of FB&D's platforms have been time proven to maintain and meet our strict guidelines, as well as work hand in hand with our laser scanning/laser surveying software.  Each of these platforms allow FB&D designers to quickly model their discipline specifics and generate 2D and 3D deliverables.  We have direct contacts with each of the technical support groups for these platforms, which allow our designers to think out of the box and develop new ways to make the platforms work more efficiently.
Each time a new software version is available, it will have incorporated FB&D's wish list. This also allows us to stay on the cutting edge with technology, using the latest and greatest 3D modeling platform.
Here is a quick list of software used by FB&D:
  • PDS
  • PDMS
  • Autodesk Plant 3D
  • Smartplant 3D
The final factor used to select the particular type of 3D CAD is client preference. If a 3D CAD system is not currently used by FB&D, we will procure it to meet our clients needs.


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