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Laser Scanning Technology

FB&Dís laser scanners are capable of capturing up to 508,000 points per second. This high resolution allows for quick surveying time, along with great accuracy. The scanners are also equipped with photo capabilities.

FB&D uses LFM software for viewing and has the capabilities of tying the point cloud to the photos. This allows the designers to pick objects in the photos and receive coordinates and elevations of these points instantly. The designers are also able to transfer their design models into these photos for more accurate field checking from their work stations. This has proven to be the best and safest means of collecting field work in a short amount of time and with minimum field visits by the design team.
Laser Scanning Technology is used to capture the full 3D information of an existing facility or unit.  This is used when it is needed to route lines through congested areas or units.  Information is captured and converted into the background for the design team.  Full Laser Scanning ensures that no additional field trips will be required.  This technology makes it easier to route lines and avoid or detect potential interferences.   This helps non-engineering personnel such as Operations or Maintenance visualize the facility improvements in the model before deliverables are generated.
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