To be the best provider of engineering and construction services in the world, through excellence in project management, work processes and technical core competencies.

To provide the safest and highest value services to the customers we serve.

To be recognized by our clients, employees, suppliers and our community as an organization founded on integrity, honesty, and loyalty that is worthy of their trust.


What We Do

Ford, Bacon & Davis designs, constructs, and provides support for facilities in numerous industry segments.

How We Provide Value to Our Customers

We convey these services through a Project Management driven organization, wherein project execution embodies the following:

  • Commitment to excellence in the core engineering, procurement, construction and supporting disciplines.
  • Recognition that our success is founded on our people, their skill sets, experience, training, leadership, dedication and eagerness to be part of a learning organization.
  • Commitment to accurate and reliable cost estimating, scheduling, statusing, trending, and change management and to communicate these items in a timely and visible manner.
  • Commitment to proven value improving practices as defined by internal lessons learned, adapted owner practices, and sources such as the Construction Industries Institute (CII).
  • Commitment to Front End Planning as an essential technique for achieving project success.
  • Commitment to achieving alignment among FB&D and client teams to promote accomplishment of project goals.
  • Commitment to providing value to our customers, recognizing that value requires consideration of both quality of product, adherence to schedule and management of costs.
  • Commitment to enhanced productivity through appropriate use of electronic automation tools and emerging information technology.
  • Commitment to productivity through improved work process integration, simplification and baselining.
  • Commitment to pro-actively seek customer input in order to better identify and meet their requirements and expectations.
  • Commitment to protecting our client's best interest through early and open communication of project concerns or opportunities.
Corporate Ethics
We obey the written word and intent of the laws of the United States of America and any host country.  We make no compromise with respect to morality, ethics or safety. We will not do anything we would be ashamed of.

Individual safety, and safety in design, are viewed as moral issues at FB&D.  If a design or work practice is perceived to be unsafe, we do not proceed until the issue is resolved.
Clients, Employees, and Stockholders

We believe we should have an honest, professional, and forthright relationship with our clients, employees, and stockholders. We will always seek realistic resolutions to issues with the development of lasting, long-range relationships as a primary objective. We will not compromise our long-range relationships for any short-range gains. We will not knowingly take risks that compromise the integrity of Ford, Bacon, & Davis.

FB&D is committed to the quality process as an on-going, continuous improvement process.  The corporate FB&D Quality Improvement Process is conveyed to individual projects through a Project-Specific Quality Plan.
We recognize that improving teamwork is the key to continuous improvement.  We support team building, both internally and with our clients, as a course to achieving project and corporate goals.
Vendors and Subcontractors
We will treat vendors and subcontractors in the same manner that we wish to be treated.  We will work with vendors and subcontractors in the quality process to develop lasting, long-range relationships.  When good business practices can be supported, we will develop sole source, partnering style relationships.
We will compete honestly and vigorously with our competitors.  When working jointly with our competitors for a client, we will work to set a standard for cooperation that results in a job that meets all our client's requirements.
FB&D is dedicated to an open, honest, trusting atomsphere.  When working with clients, fellow employees, vendors and subcontractors, we will be open, honest, trusting, and trustworthy and will expect to be treated in a like manner.
Workforce Development
We will lead in the development of our industry's workforce by supporting and delivering industry-accredited craft training and skills assessment programs.  We will provide progressive, FB&D-specific Supervisors' training to lead and develop a high performance, core workforce. 
Preferred Employer
We will remain an equal opportunity employer that recognizes and values diversity in the workforce and treats all employees with dignity and respect. 

The company will be a good corporate citizen of the communities where we do business.  Employee participation in community activities is encouraged, and, when appropriate, supported.

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