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Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

We help our clients supply the world.

The chemical and petrochemical industries convert raw materials into hundreds of thousands of diverse products each year. Converting these raw materials impacts the day-to-day life of everyone on the planet. Our clients help supply the world with these much needed, desired products.

Our reputation in the chemical and petrochemical industries is something we are very proud of. Our clients have trusted us to help bring their products to market on time, on budget and safely.

We have been involved in many chemical, specialty chemical and petrochemical projects. Our participation in these projects has ranged from early involvement in bench-scale pilot plant operations and conceptual studies, to the detailed design, procurement and construction of full-scale units.

Some chemical projects have included units that produce catalysts (FCC and polymerization) and specialty chemicals (mono-, di-, and triethano-lamines; sulfonated asphalt; engine oil additives; dibutylethers).  Many of the units produce or process pyrophoric and toxic materials such as diethylzinc; carbon disulfide; acetylene; and HCN.

Chemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry

Our petrochemical product experience and expertise includes acrylonitrile, propylene, oxide, styrene, cumene, synthesis gas, vinyl chloride, isobutylene, toluene diisocyanate, butadiene, and isoprene.

Operations have involved various types of reactors, including fluid beds, large scale distillation facilities, and the utilities and off-sites needed to operate these facilities.


Most of our petrochemical projects have been incremental expansions and modernizations, placing a premium on attention to detail, functionality and safety, while maintaining excellent client and project team relationships and communications.

Whether your capital project is domestic or international, we have the experience and resources to meet your project goals on time and on budget.

Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Our chemical projects have incorporated:

  • Batch and semi-continuous processes with highly coupled, multiple unit operations

  • Small bore piping and high equipment densities

  • Toxic and hazardous materials and intermediates

  • Exothermic and unstable reactions

  • Exotic Materials of Construction

  • Reagent grade and high inventory value chemical handling systems

  • One-of-a-kind and highly proprietary processes and production schemes

  • The design of multi-purpose units (MPU’s)

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