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Construction Based Engineering & AWP

Technology based Advanced Work Packaging.


When implementing a capital project, planning how the project will be constructed is at the core of project performance.   Though engineering costs needs to be controlled, it is not the biggest driving factor for project success. Managing the effectiveness of construction is the business critical factor. This starts by Engineering aligning with the needs of Construction.   

If the Engineering is not performed in alignment with construction needs, the project can suffer delays and inefficiencies in the field, that will ultimately result in poor financial performance, and lost revenue, by delaying your product to market.

Our unique data-centric Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) work process provides Engineering Work Packages that enable constraint free construction, minimizing field planning and maximizing craft productivity, all while realizing sustainable safety performance.

Through our data-integrity management system, we are able to produce data-centric design models that are directly leverageable to construction planning software, enabling the development of intelligent construction Installation Work Packages, and Field Progress Models, that are highly optimized and constraint free.

Recent AWP Experience –

We completed a $300MM hydrocracking project for a Gulf Coast client. It was a fast-track project to meet market demands to outpace our client’s competitors. Our client labeled this project an “impossible” schedule. We were awarded this project because our client had confidence in our work processes based on past successes with them.


​By maintaining a simple, flat organization, we were able to provide professionals with the right qualifications to meet the goals and objectives of the project.


The project was completed on schedule and under budget due to the front-end collaboration with construction, and a robust project execution plan, with close collaboration. We made the impossible project possible.

Advanced Work Packaging AWP

Value Of Advanced Work Packaging:

25% Increased in Productivity

10% Reduction in TIC

20% Increase in Quality

30% increase in Safety

                              Source: CII RT-272

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With the integration of our construction services into the Front End Planning of a project, coupled with our collaborative project management system iPIMS and Industry Best Practices, we provide a complete approach to managing the life cycle of a project from a conceptual phase to operation.

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