Discipline Areas of Expertise

Our Suite of Engineering Services

We employ the most experienced and talented engineering professionals in the industry! Our engineers are experts in their respective fields, licensed in 45 states, and have worked on a vast array of projects with the diverse industries we serve.

Our suite of engineering services include: 

  • Process Engineering

  • Mechanical & Piping Engineering

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

  • Civil/Structural/Architectural Engineering

All of our engineering departments utilize the latest tools in technology to engineer your job the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Some of these technologies include Aspen Plus; Aspen HYSYS, Pro/II, PIPE-FLO; Berwanger PPM;PHA Pro; SULCOL; AutoCAD; Autodesk, PDS; and Navisworks.

Civil Structral Drawing

More About Engineering Services


It all starts with a process. Is the process for your company’s manufacturing system as efficient, streamlined and accurate as it can be? Our engineers are skilled in studying the process from start to finish, giving you a step-by-step analysis of how your company can make improvements that will ultimately benefit your bottom line. Some of our Process Engineering capabilities include:

  • Scope Development
  • Process Studies
  • Process Simulation
    • Steady State
    • Dynamic
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Economic Evaluations
  • Health, Safety and Environment Audits/Studies
  • Process Safety Management
Our Process Design Specification:
  • Process Descriptions & Process Control Narratives
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)
  • Heat and Material Balances (HMB)
  • Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Equipment Sizing and Specification
  • Line List Process Data
  • Instrumentation Process Data
  • Pressure Safety Analysis
  • Utility Requirements and Summaries
FB&D Process Strengths:
  • Front End Planning (FEP) Development
  • Process Technology Experience
  • Simulation Software Capabilities
  • Process Work Activities Integrated into FB&D Project Information Management system (iPIMS®) “Single Entry-Multiple Use”
Our Process Department engineers have years of experience in:
  • Grass Roots Design
  • Debottlenecking and Revamps
  • Commissioning and Startup Support
  • Operating Manual Preparation
  • Engineering for Remote Sites
We utilize the following tools in our Process Engineering:
  • Process Simulation (Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, PRO/II, ProMax)
  • Heat Transfer (Aspen Exchanger Design/Rating and HTRI)
  • Hydraulic Analysis (Visual Flow, PIPE-FLO)Pressure Safety / Flare Analysis (Berwanger PPM, Aspen Flare System Analyzer, iPRSM, Visual Flare, Smith and Burgess)
  • Process Safety Management (PHA Works, PHA Pro)
  • Column Internals (KG-TOWER, SULCOL)
  • Process Diagrams (Visio, AutoCad)
  • Proprietary Spreadsheets (Equipment Sizing, Hydraulics, PSV Relief Rate/Device Sizing)


Designing safe and efficient systems to transport, process and store your fluids and solids should be in the capable hands of our Mechanical Engineers. Our Engineers are well-versed in the codes, guidelines and methods related to handling the potentially hazardous products found in industrial manufacturing and processing plants. Our employees are highly trained on advanced software to design and analyze piping systems, pressure containing equipment, rotating equipment and HVAC requirements.

Our Mechanical Department specialties include:

  • Specification, inquiry, purchase and review of vendor data for all types of stationary and rotating equipment
  • Pipe Stress Analysis and CFD Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis
  • Pump Sizing
  • Hydraulic Studies
  • HVAC Specification and Design
  • Metallurgical and Materials Recommendations
  • Corrosion Analysis
  • Compressors and Turbine Design

Our Mechanical Department Engineers have years of experience in designing the following equipment:

Agitators; Autoclaves; Bins/Hoppers; Blenders; Blower Packages; Conveyors; Crushers; Cyclones; Dryers; Dust Collectors; Extruders; Exchangers; Loading Arms; Railcar Loading; Rotary Feeders; Scales; Silos; Storage Bins; Truck Loading; Vacuum Conveyors; Clarifiers; Cooling Towers; Deaerators; Ejectors; Evaporators; Filters; Gas Dryers; Steam Turbines; Gas Turbines; Mole Sieve Dryers; Refrigeration Systems; Scrubbers; Separators; Skid-Mounted Units; Storage Tanks; Turbines; Fire Protection Systems; HVAC Systems; Instrument Air Compressor Packages; Instrument Air Dryers; Oil Mist Lube Systems; Refrigeration Units; Steam Condensate Units; Vacuum System; Venturi Scrubbers.

We always utilize the latest in software technology. A few software technologies our Mechanical Department employees are skillfully trained in include, PV-Elite; CodeCalc; PIPE-FLO; AutoCAD and Caesar II.


At FB&D, our piping design and drafting group is experienced in the layout and design of grassroots, retrofit and debottlenecking projects in chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and material handling facilities. Due to the potentially hazardous products and environment in these facilities, it is vital to ensure piping systems are designed in a safe and effective manner, considering ergonomics, operability and maintenance concerns.

Our Piping Department specialties include:

  • P&ID development and drafting, including intelligent P&ID’s
  • Plant verification “as built P&ID verification”
  • Plant and equipment design and layout
  • Piping plans, sections and orthographics
  • 2D and 3D CAD work with a multitude of drafting platforms
  • 3D modeling end product and study phase
  • MTO’s for purchasing and estimating FEL work
  • Hydraulic stress analysis and fabrication/installation isometrics
  • 3D model reviews to virtually walk through the layout and design
  • Demolition drawings, isometrics and photo packages
  • Detailed scope of work

Our strength is working closely with our clients to define the phases of work for maximizing production with minimum downtime.

We always utilize the latest in software technology. Our employees are skillfully trained in Auto Desk, PDS, and Navisworks.


When a process is automated, it’s imperative that each aspect within the system is accurate, functioning properly, providing the needed information and is within safety and regulatory guidelines.

We provide consulting services for a wide range of projects – from new installations, to power system repairs and upgrades. We also provide analysis to determine the most efficient use and maintenance schedule of your power system assets.

Our Electrical and Power Distribution Engineering specialties include:

  • Power system Modeling
  • Short Circuit Current
  • Balanced/Unbalanced Fault Analysis
  • Load Flow
  • Motor Starting
  • Co-generation
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Motor Re-acceleration
  • Power Factor Improvement
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Lighting Systems Design
  • Grounding Systems Design
  • Area Classification Studies
  • Sub-Station Design (480 Volt -34.5 KV)
  • Raceway System Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Electric Tracing System Design
  • LAN/WAN Infrastructure
  • Facility Security Systems

Our Instrumentation and Control System Engineering specialties include:

  • P&ID Development
  • Block Diagrams
  • Instrument Index
  • Loops
  • Location Plans
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Installation Details
  • Instrument Specifications
  • Procurement
  • Scope Documents including Cutover Strategy & Preconstruction Execution Plan
  • Control System Engineering Coordination and Management
  • DCS Conversions/Upgrades/Modernizations
  • Safety System (SIS) Design & Engineering
  • ISA 84 SIS SFS Certification for Safety Systems
  • SIS/LOPA Safety Lifecycle
  • Technical Support for Loop Check Out/Start Up
  • Control Center Console Design & Layout Design
  • Analyzers
  • PLC Programming
  • Burner Management/Features Safety Systems Turbine Controls
  • DCS Configuration/Graphics
  • Annunciator System Design
  • Tank Gauging Systems
  • Vibration Monitoring


Ensuring the structural safety of your job is top priority for our Civil and Structural Engineers. Your structures will be designed to withstand the stresses and pressures of their environment to remain stable, secure, and safe during their use.

Our newly revamped Survey technologies allow us to produce Focused Area Scans of features in the fields. This means we can isolate items of interest, such as valves, flanges and steel shapes, and perform a scan with an accuracy, or resolution, of up to 1mm.

The utilization of such advanced technologies allows us to create spatial positioning solutions to suit the needs of your capital projects.

We provide engineering consultations concerning:

  • Structural Design
  • Structural Modifications
  • Buildings
  • Roadways
  • Railroads
  • Plant Support Facilities
  • Drainage Design
  • Our Civil/Structural/Architectural Engineer specialties include:
    • Process Structure Design
    • Piperack Design
    • Foundations-Mat and Pile supported
    • Piling, Drilled Shafts, Auger Cast
    • Dynamic, Vibration and Seismic Analysis
    • Site Feasibility Studies
    • Site Development
    • Structures – Steel, Concrete, Composite
    • 3D Modeling
  • Laser Surveying
    • Stakeout
    • Surface uniformity
    • Real-time and Project Progress Clash Detection
  • Permitting
  • QA/QC Checks