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Engineering and Design

Agile engineering with an AWP focus.

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Today’s business leaders are challenged to make critical investment decisions, all while managing against a highly volatile market. In an effort to reduce financial risk, project investment decisions tend to be delayed, driving the time to market and project cycle times even shorter. In the project world, faster is better. But we know your objective is not to do a project, but to make your product and make it now!  


Unfortunately anyone can do a project fast if quality is allowed to slip or costs are allowed to rise. Project execution that reduces the project lifecycle, while sustaining both quality and cost commitments, is the key to financial investment success.  


Our strategy for successful project implementation in a time to market environment is the application of our Agile Engineering and Advanced Work Packaging work processes, that are tied into our proprietary Integrated Project Data System, iPIMS®.


Finally, this three pronged approach is underwritten by our strategic investment in people. The average work experience among all of our employees is 14 years. Our culture is one where we serve as a functional extension of your project team. Everyone who works at FB&D is devoted to work with integrity, to deliver a high-quality project that meets your business needs.

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