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Industrial Power Industry

You need the latest Generation and Cogeneration Technologies.

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We have project experience with all steam/power generating equipment including stoker, CFB, BFB, pulverize coal, gas turbine and solar/thermal generators.

Due to recent environmental regulations, we have designed compliance strategies for industrial boiler MACT, including the development of alliances with key equipment vendors.

Our projects have included:

  • Production of steam from biomass

  • Agricultural waste products

  • Natural gas

  • Coal

  • RDF

  • MSW

  • Waste Heat

  • Tires

  • Concentrating Solar/Thermal

Our strength is in working with our clients to incorporate the latest generation and cogeneration technologies, utilizing a variety of traditional and nontraditional fuels. Our designs integrate into the existing power infrastructure, incorporating backup and standby power requirements, environmental compliance, fuel handling/storage, operating costs and balance of plant infrastructure. We believe that the competitive position of domestic manufacturing will continue to rely upon improved fuel efficiency and deployed capital effectiveness.


Our highly experienced Process team will review every part of the manufacturing process to identify opportunities for improved energy utilization, fuel switching, improved efficiency and higher energy yield. Our capabilities extend beyond the boiler house into the manufacturing area, water and wastewater treatment, balance of plan including compressed air, chilled water, hot oil systems and other thermal systems.

We have provided our industrial power services to clients in many diverse industries. The general concepts of steam and power production, energy efficiency, green plant design and greenhouse gas reduction are common to all industries and can be applied to your processes.

The Industrial Power industry is one of the most important industries in the world because it affects the daily lives of billions of people every day. Without your industry, people will be essentially left in the dark.

From now until 2030, global energy needs are projected to substantially increase due to economic and population growth. This means you may have to expand your existing facility to keep up with the growing market.

You need an engineering firm with a proven track record, that acts as a partner with you in the steam and/or power generation industry, procurement and construction management.

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