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Lifecycle document management services for all of your important documents

Our advantage in managing the lifecycle of a project is our proprietary Internet Project Management System, iPIMS®. This lifecycle document management system was designed because our clients needed proper controls to be put into place, to ensure each project was delivered as promised.


Our clients boast about iPIMS® -it collects, manages and integrates project data and documents from the planning stages, through engineering, construction, and start-up, then feeds forward into your owner lifecycle systems.

Project related data is collected and easily sorted to form valuable information that can be managed, and used, by every component of your project team. iPIMS® consists of a series of modules that are fully integrated to provide every one of your team members with the ability to build on the progress of others.



Simply click on data and find the information you want. Documents and data are linked to items, units, and past projects.

The modular design enables your team to utilize only the modules that are required to manage a specific project. Your team will decide which modules to use, to ensure cost effective management. Because your project reporting needs differ from other clients, this system was purposely designed to be flexible.

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iPIMS® can be tailored to collect, and consolidate, all projects related information, and document issues, from multiple engineering and construction contractors.


Access, manage and control the review, approval and status of all documents on the project, regardless of the number of contractors.


All project documentation can be downloaded to a flash drive eBook instead of hard copy data books.

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