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West Monroe Employees Are Ready To Save Lives

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Members of FB&D’s West Monroe “Blue Team” are George Strickland; Barbie Strickland; William Curry; Alex Renaud; Chris Tenison; Bob Vestal; Joel Haarala; Tom Brewster; & Mike Coody. Daniel Pruett is not pictured.

In October, 2019, FB&D’s West Monroe office established a team of employees who have agreed to be trained for emergency situations. Training for members of the “Blue Team” was recently held at the office where members learned basic life saving techniques such as CPR and First Aid, as well as the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

In a medical emergency, the “Blue Team” will assess, manage, and stabilize the care and treatment of an individual, until professional help arrives.

Those completing the first training course included:

  • Tom Brewster, Civil/Structural Design Lead

  • Michael Coody, Executive Project Secretary

  • William Curry, Piping Designer

  • Joel Haarala, Project Lead

  • Daniel Pruett, Electrical Specialist

  • Alex Renaud, Sr. Piping Designer

  • Barbie Strickland, Instrument Designer

  • George Strickland, Instrument/Electrical Designer

  • Chris Tenison, Sr. Piping Designer

  • Bob Vestal, Control Systems Specialist

Additional training sessions are being planned for all other FB&D offices. Each office, once staffed by trained “Blue Team” members, will be equipped with a “Blue Team Response Bag”, and an AED.

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