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Procurement and Inspection Services

Sourcing the correct equipment for your capital project. On time.

Procurement and Inspection of materials is the critical element to meet your project's goals. According to the Construction Industry Institute (CII), approximately 80% of schedule impacts are due to late deliveries.

We have experienced procurement professionals, and source inspectors, who are equipped with the latest tools, and systems (not spreadsheets!), to ensure materials will be delivered on time, on budget, as planned. Our automated project procurement system is fully integrated with our engineering, accounting, scheduling, warehouse and construction services. It is this automation, and integration with engineering, that enables our entire organization to be highly productive, and in tune with your project.

We are always exploring execution methods to streamline the workflow process to eliminate redundancy and additional service/transaction costs!

Our certified source inspectors function as your representative, and serve under your direction, as liaison between your representative, and the primary fabricator and/or contractor. We have senior inspectors strategically located around the country, allowing quick responsiveness to your projects, hence saving time and money.

In addition, our inspectors can assist in other related areas such as:

  • Formal shop audits to ensure vendors are qualified to fabricate the desired equipment

  • Vendor selection

  • Review of the bid specifications, to ensure applicable codes and specifications are included

  • Drawing reviews

  • Material receiving inspections on high profile orders with special alloy or exotic materials

Our inspectors are aware of environmental and safety concerns related to your industry, and are trained and certified accordingly.

Aligning Procurement to Support Engineering and Construction

We take a leadership role in the implementation of Industry Best Practices. Our procurement strategies are developed early in the Front End Planning (FEP), utilizing Interactive Planning sessions to ensure our engineering and procurement strategies are in alignment with the Construction Work Package sequence. This alignment takes place early in the FEP, in accordance with the industry best practice of Advanced Work Packaging

Global Sourcing

Our Procurement professionals are experienced in global sourcing requirements. We have relationships with suppliers, and fabricators on a global scale, to ensure we deliver the best value for you to meet your budget.

The iPIMS Controlled Warehouse is an extension of the iPIMS procurement system. This integration ensures that our field planners have a tool to see what is here, what is coming, and when, so that they can assemble a material/equipment constraint free installation work package (IWP) for the craft.

All items purchased will be received, held in inventory, assigned bank, bin, and bay locations, making items easy to retrieve for bagging and tagging to an IWP. Our inspectors will be on hand to make sure the materials and equipment are correct and safe, prior to tagging. In addition, our warehouse system has a preventative maintenance system built-in to manage and verify all rotating equipment has been properly maintained, and ready for installation.



A large portion of your investment is in new engineered equipment, fabricated items, and bulk materials. You need pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping, structural steel, and rotating equipment to have your project installed, so you can meet your organization’s objectives.

Incorrect and late materials to your craft resources are the leading cause for productivity, cost, and schedule issues.

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