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Project Controls

You need a systems-based approach to assure project cost and schedule adherence.

When choosing an engineering partner for your most important capital investments, gathering and management of data for the project can be very complex.

What are the critical elements of information that need to be captured for timely, accurate business decisions? How will communication be facilitated amongst all parties, to make sure the project progresses as planned, on schedule, and within budget?

Our Project Controls experts have the ability and tools to produce practical and understandable slices of complex logic driven through an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). Look-ahead schedules, developed from the IMS, also serve as an agenda, focusing project participants on the near-term upcoming project activities, continuously serving as a tool to reaffirm commitments from the team.

Planning and Scheduling

Planning the success of your project will be done before a pencil is picked up. We have a proven methodology to engage all stakeholders, and subject matter experts, through collaborative discussion to plan, and strategize the success of your capital project.

Project scheduling primary functions include:

  • Interactive Planning

  • Collecting thorough information

  • Determining controlling factors

  • Schedule preparation and analysis

  • Review and issue a comprehensive schedule

  • Status, maintain, analyze and recommend actions to change unfavorable trends

Cost Control

Ascertainment of costs, proper recording of data to measure efficiency, and profitability, is a necessary and important factor to minimizing costs, and maximizing profit, of your capital project.

We will work closely with your team to monitor the adherence of budget estimates and schedules. Expended work hours, and costs, are monitored closely for signs of developing trends and/or problem areas.

Any deviations from the budgets or schedules are evaluated for the cause, which we will then propose thoughtful, competent solutions. By evaluating these figures, and taking into account all factors, a forecasted total can be estimated and used as a guide for future decisions and expenditures.

Scope Change Management

Scope creep occurs when unexpected deliverables of a project occur, creating changes to what was originally agreed to with the original project scope. Managing, documenting, and controlling all changes within your project scope is vital to the health of your project.

Our Project Managers and Design Leaders have a responsibility to monitor the project execution regarding work scope changes, and communicate these changes to the Project Controls team.

If scope changes occur, our Project Controls department members will ensure the project includes all required changes, so your capital project will be managed for time, cost, risk and quality.

Project Controls


Estimating the cost of a capital project can be difficult. The process can be very complex to produce accurate estimates. You need a project budget that works!

We have the proper tools, and experienced employees working within our Project Controls department, who are versed on using various computerized software systems such as Primavera. We utilize these systems to develop Order of Magnitude and Conceptual Estimates for work early in the life of your project. Computer generated estimates can serve as a control estimate, until a detailed estimate can be prepared.

Detailed estimates are made from quoted equipment and material take offs, which can be made during the formative stage of the project, and can be used to control project costs.

Schedule Reporting Tool (SRT)

How would you like to simply breakdown your schedule and view milestone dates in 2, 4, and 6+ weeks by discipline? Our advanced, interactive Schedule Reporting Tool (SRT) is a Primavera scheduling tool that can take overwhelming information, and compress it to understandable data, so you will know the status of your project, area, discipline, etc., at any given moment. Anyone on the project team can review, plan, filter and slice orders, disciplines, approval peaks and actual performance, against actual targets.

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