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Pulp and Paper Industry

You require cost effective solutions based engineering to compete.

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How do you meet market demands while focusing on price per ton, quality, safety and capital cost reduction? The answer is easy – you partner with a company that is an expert in the pulp, paper and wood products industries.


Our process and design teams have experience with all manufacturing areas of paper, pulp and wood products manufacturing, with hundreds of projects completed each year. We have maintained a focus on pulp and paper engineering, maintaining a leadership role during the consolidation of the industry and engineering services providers. Our Subject Matter Experts are ready to help you with reducing costs, faster implementation, and less owner support requirements to complete capital projects.

Paper Industry

We will improve your capital deployment efficiency, shorten schedules and supplement your technical staff. We do this by utilizing our Gated Project Delivery System and proprietary project execution tools, including Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), construction productivity tools, iPIMS®, and our ‘Move Work, Not People’ work sharing processes.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Woodyards

  • Pulping

  • Stock Preparation

  • Causticizing

  • Chemical Recover

  • Power and Utilities

  • Paper Machines

  • Finishing and Shipping

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