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Refining Industry

Modification to existing facilities. Plant expansions. Reliability Projects.

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Ford Bacon and Davis, LLC, has extensive experience in a broad spectrum of refining areas including crude units; catalytic cracking; alkylation; aromatic extraction and treating; hydrotreating; coking; reforming and light ends fractionation; as well as major experience in off-sites, tankage, and crude and product movements.

Due to the mixture of hydrocarbons, contaminants, presence of sour gas, and the different viscosities of the crude, the process of fractionating and refining crude oil can be very complex. These complexities are present and no less difficult starting at the terminal.

Refining Industry

With our considerable experience with the various stages of the upstream and downstream processing of crude, we can provide a comprehensive approach to implementing a crude oil processing facility. We have experience in all areas of refinery design and operation. We can provide both steady state and dynamic process simulation of your new or existing units.

Typical refining projects include:

  • Crude Atmospheric/Vacuum Distillation

  • Crude Unit Expansion

  • Fluidized Catalytic Cracking

  • Alkylation Expansion

  • HF Alky Unit Upgrade

  • Propylene Alkylation

  • FCC Product Fractionation Improvements

  • Sulfuric Acid Alkylation

  • Hydrocracker Unit Revamp

The refining industry is very fast paced – you have to get your product to market quickly to stay competitive and succeed in an uncertain energy market. Variables such as outages, regulatory requirements and unresponsive systems can interrupt production, directly affecting your profitability. 

To manage these challenges, you need the right partner who can provide quality engineering, while keeping your tight deadlines and bottom line in check.

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