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Safety Culture

We make NO compromise with respect to Morality, Ethics, or Safety.

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First in safety culture is an absolute Core Value, which is reflected in our very culture at FB&D. As such, we make it our policy to take every reasonable safety precaution in the performance of our work. We focus on protecting the safety and health of our employees, our clients' employees, other contractors' employees, and members of the public. It is our goal in every circumstance to prevent the risks of personal injury resulting from accidents. The safety of personnel is a VALUE, and shall have priority over everything else.

Every FB&D employee is empowered to immediately stop any activity that they feel poses a risk to their own, or any other person's, health and/or safety.


FB&D has a corporate safety goal of Zero Accidents for every workplace. In order to achieve this goal, FB&D must:

  • Communicate to each employee that safety is a Value and not a Priority. Priorities change. Values do not.

  • Walk-the-talk in our belief to promote Zero Accidents.

  • Insist that every employee make no compromise regarding employee safety and health.


The FB&D Safety and Health Process is based on its    Four A's to Safety.

  1. ACCEPT that every activity (work & play) has hazards associated with it. 

  2. ASSESS every activity, every time it is performed in order to identify the associated hazards.

  3. ADDRESS the identified hazards in order to mitigate them to a level of risk that is acceptable to YOU.

  4. ABORT any activity that you do not feel can be performed SAFELY.

Safety Culture


FB&D values human life, and welfare, and will not permit life-threatening actions during work related activities.


FB&D will have zero tolerance for violation of any policy related to the following:

  • Fall Protection (100% tie off)

  • Substance Abuse

  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO)

  • Hands free communications while driving

  • Any client site specific safety rule that has been classified by that site as a zero tolerance safety rule

  • Zero Energy State (ZES)


If a design or work practice is perceived to be unsafe, we do not proceed until the issue is resolved.

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